Manufacturer of Parboiling & Drying Plants / Cooker / SILOS
Manufacturer of Parboiling & Drying Plants / Cooker / SILOS

Paddy Parboiling Plant Manufacturers & Suppliers

At Aditya Drier Tech we understand the needs of individual customers and the parboiling plants are designed to cater to specific needs of each customer. We offer Parboiling Plants with

  • Single Stage
  • Three Stage
  • Two Stage with On-line Continuous Cooker.
  • Pressure Parboiling [for MURI rice]

Aditya Drier Tech, with its in-depth processing knowledge can help you to process.

  • All varieties of Parboiled Rice
  • Half Boiled Rice
  • Steam Rice
  • MURI Rice
Parboiling Equipmentl

Parboiling is a process that has been used for centuries to prepare rice for consumption. It involves partially boiling the paddy (unhusked rice) before milling it into white rice. Parboiling gives the rice a distinct flavor, texture, and color, making it a popular choice for many cuisines around the world. We will explore the benefits of paddy parboiling, what the process entails, and where you can find reliable parboiling equipment and paddy parboiling plant manufacturers.

Paddy Parboiling

High Strength, Long Life Span, and Flexibility of Expansion

Parboiling is known to improve the nutritional content of rice, making it a healthier alternative to regular white rice. It also enhances the physical properties of the grain, making it more durable during processing, transport, and storage. Paddy parboiling is particularly beneficial because it produces rice with high strength, long life span, and flexibility of expansion.

High Strength

During the parboiling process, the starch in the rice grains is gelatinized. This gelatinization process makes the grains harder and more resistant to breakage during milling and handling. Parboiled rice has been shown to have higher head rice yield, meaning less breakage during milling, resulting in a higher quality product.

Long Life Span

Parboiled rice has a longer shelf life than regular rice due to its increased durability. The grains are less susceptible to insects, pests, and mold, making them ideal for long-term storage.

Flexibility of Expansion

Parboiled rice has the unique ability to expand and contract during cooking. This flexibility allows the grains to absorb more water and cook evenly, resulting in a fluffy and tasty end product.

Parboiling: What is it?

Parboiling is a simple process that involves soaking, steaming, and drying the paddy before milling. The process involves the following steps:


The paddy is soaked in water for a few hours to soften the outer layers of the grain.


The soaked paddy is then steam-cooked under pressure to gelatinize the starch in the grain.


The parboiled paddy is then dried to reduce its moisture content before milling.

The parboiling process is an essential step in rice processing, as it helps remove impurities and enhance the grain’s nutritional value, flavor, and texture.

Paddy Parboiling Plant Manufacturers

Paddy Parboiling Plant Manufacturers

If you are interested in starting a parboiled rice processing plant, you need to find reliable paddy parboiling plant manufacturers and suppliers. These companies specialize in designing, manufacturing, and installing parboiling equipment that meets the highest industry standards.

When selecting parboiling equipment manufacturers, prioritizing factors like experience, expertise, and reputation is crucial. Seek out a manufacturer renowned for their proficiency in automation parboiling driers, paddy driers, and paddy cookers. Opt for a provider with a proven history of delivering top-tier, dependable, and cost-efficient parboiling solutions tailored to meet your processing needs.

Some of the Top Paddy Parboiling Plant Manufacturers and Suppliers include:

Milltec Machinery Limited

This India-based company specializes in designing and manufacturing rice milling and parboiling equipment.

Buhler Group

This Swiss-based company is a leading supplier of rice processing equipment and solutions, including parboiling equipment.

Alvan Blanch Development Company Limited

This UK-based company specializes in designing and manufacturing rice processing equipment, including parboiling equipment.