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Aditya Drier Tech has always been the innovator in terms of new developments in Drying Technology. Aditya Drier Tech was first organization to introduce :

paddy dryer
  • The revolutionary 60-degree Baffle Design which is followed by most manufacturers today.
  • The Design of High capacity Driers. Aditya Drier Tech is the only manufacturer to have successfully designed and installed a single parboiling and drier plant having a capacity of 100 Tons per batch.
  • The Design of the very High capacity on-line continuous cooker. Aditya Drier Tech has designed a cooker having a capacity of 40-50 TPH.
  • The revolutionary Dust-Free design. This design is unique in that it reduces the dust emission from the Driers by almost 75-80 percent.

With in-depth technical knowledge Aditya Drier Tech driers are optimally designed to ensure uniform air flow across the paddy flowing downward to achieve a perfect mixed flow condition and achieve an optimum saturation of hot air. The moisture in the grain has ample time to move from inside of the grain to the surface where it gets carried away gently. This ensures

  • Uniform Drying
  • Minimum Steam consumption
  • Minimum Power consumption