Tips to Choose the Right Paddy Silo for Your Storage

Paddy silo or grain silo is very commonly used today in the grain industry. One can find the paddy silo in various oil and grain processing plants and the oil sales companies out there that require the paddy storage equipment. The grain storage silo capacity is generally determined by the variety and quantity of the grain. However, when getting your hands on the paddy storage silothere are many factors that one needs to consider to get the right grain storage capacity. 

Paddy Soil

Here is a brief guide on how to decide the storage capacity of the grains silo:

Select Size

The size plays a massive role in determining paddy storage. For the gains that are large and the oil processing plants with an output of more than 2000 tons of capacity, one needs to build storage silo grains with a rough capacity of about 50,000-80,000 tons. 

For all the larger-scale enterprises with deep processing such as starch or corn processing, it is suggested to use the larger silos as they have large processing capacities.

For the grains that are medium-sized and the oil processing and corns processing plants should make a choice of a single silo with a rough capacity of about 7500 tons. For all the beer and malt processing industries, the single storage silo capacity should vary between 1000 – 1500 tons. A single storage silo should get chosen for the feed processing industry with a capacity between 1000 to 3000 tons. In the rice processing field, the many rice storage silos’ rough storage capacity is more than 1000 tons.

For all the small silos that get installed in the grain trucks are the ones that are hopper bottom silos with a very tiny diameter, and they have a volume of not more than 500 tons. Hence, these vehicles can straight away load these grains under the silos.

Paddy Silo Storage


Choosing the right paddy silo for storage is a crucial task for grain storage, and this task becomes even more comfortable when the accessibility factor is taken care of.

Storage Time

The storage time is significant to check before boiling down to the grain storage. The grain storage equipment should be such that it can hold the grain for an extended period without getting spoilt. 


When it comes to durability, one surely needs to be extra careful about it. Durability, as a factor, is essential while looking for grain storage suppliers


The storage silos should be such that they perform the function of being moisture, pest, and rodent-proof, which is primarily essential. Before buying the silos, you should check if they are airtight and could get used with the pesticides. Hence, if you are looking for the right paddy silo for your storage, you indeed should consider Aditya Drier. They are considered a market leader when it comes to being the best grain storage manufacturers.